As you Sow, so shall you Reap

'Relationships are hard; they need constant effort to make them work'

'If your relationship needs working at you're with the wrong person'

Which statement are you more inclined to agree with?
As a couple counsellor I would say that a relationship always needs work and attention to keep the warmth, understanding and intimacy alive; relationships need to be tended to; worked at with consistency.  Neglect, disrespect and taking each other for granted are the greatest enemies of the couple relationship.

A close couple relationship needs a balance of things done together and things done apart; an openess of communication to avoid misunderstandings; an equality in decision-making and above all a mutual respect for each other as human beings who don't necessarily agree about everything.

Neglecting your relationship and minimising rather than solving issues between you can build to a crisis point from which it is hard to return.  Consistent care and attention can prevent this, and visiting a couple counsellor before things feel dire or untenable can avoid reaching a crisis in your relationship.

You can expect to harvest the fruits of your behaviour - As you Sow, so shall you reap.

I am a qualified counsellor with over twenty years' experience of one-to-one work with individuals of all ages, ethnicity and life-styles. You are my priority during each session we spend together.  I offer a quiet, safe room where you can explore and heal. I offer you time, integrity and respect.